Life is full of diversity. As are the requirements of comfort air conditioning, heat pumps and process cooling. As a result, versatility also needs to be the solution. We at BITZER understand that.

Learn more about BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors.

The most versatile scroll compressors on the market

Modern comfort air conditioning, heat pumps and process cooling applications have to fulfil stringent requirements. They need to be eco-friendly, powerful and efficient and fulfil the individual requirements with high precision. We at BITZER have developed four ORBIT scroll compressor series to ensure we’re always able to offer the optimal product: the ORBIT, ORBIT Boreal, ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT series. And they all have one strength in common: versatility.

The ORBIT scroll compressor series are designed for use in comfort air conditioning, heat pumps and process cooling applications. Each of the four series has specific features: the ORBIT series is suitable for air cooled systems, whilst the ORBIT Boreal is designed for water cooled applications. The compressors of the ORBIT+ series are among the most efficient scroll compressors in their performance class, thanks to the line start permanent magnet motor. And the ORBIT FIT (Flexible Injection Technology) series features an economizer vapor injection operation that increases efficiency and capacity in all HVAC applications. This is especially useful in higher pressure ratio applications, like in heat pumps. It also widens the application envelope.

Our compressors are efficient, safe, reliable and eco-friendly in all operating conditions. Find the appropriate BITZER scroll compressor for your application now:
Product overview

Bitzer Scrollverdichter mit BAHT Advanced Header Technology lassen sich leicht kaskadieren und ermöglichen durch die Verwendung von Frequenzumrichtern noch effizientere Verbundanlagen

Hundreds of combinations

Equipped for any challenge – thanks to the unique BITZER Advanced Header Technology (BAHT), the intelligent piping solution from BITZER. In addition, the modular ORBIT scroll concept design with the same external dimensions, connections and connection positions simplifies the combination of different series with BAHT. Even if they have different capacities, the scroll compressors in the ORBIT series can be mixed and matched to form tandem and trio units, resulting in hundreds of potential combinations. The BAHT also ensures reliable compressor lubrication and safe operation in compound systems, no matter if the compressors are connected directly to the power supply and run as fixed speed ‘on-off’ compressors or if they are equipped with an external frequency inverter and run with variable speed.

All this maximizes the flexibility of the ORBIT series.

Der Bitzer Scrollverdichter Orbit 6 für Komfort Klimatechnik Wärmepumpen Prozesskühlung mit herausragender Energieeffizienz
Der Bitzer Scrollverdichter Orbit 8 sorgt mit seiner enormen Kühlleistung für eine effiziente Klimatechnik egal ob im Büro, als Wärmepumpe oder zum Abführen von Prozesswärme

The ORBIT capacity steps

BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors are available in two families – the ORBIT 6 and 8 – with capacities ranging between 10 to 40 tons (20 to 77 m³/h, 50Hz). Both series are designed for use in comfort air conditioning, heat pumps and process cooling and boast a high capacity and outstanding energy efficiency.

If you have any questions about how our scroll compressors work, or if you would like to install an ORBIT in your system, simply get in touch with our product experts.

Versatility at work

As different as the applications are, one characteristic always shines through: outstanding BITZER quality. The ORBIT scroll compressors operate reliably with high energy efficiency and are designed for a wide range of applications. Despite of hot and cold ambient temperatures, the ORBIT scroll compressor series is used in chillers and heat pumps to ensure pleasant temperatures in office blocks, hotels, airports and data centres. Process cooling applications are also possible – for example in the meat and flower processing industries, the manufacture of dairy products and pharmaceuticals.

A compressor for any requirements

With their flexible combination options, our ORBIT scroll compressors offer plenty of benefits across all applications of comfort air conditioning, heat pumps and process cooling.

Our quality does not end with our products, which is why we offer you numerous tools and apps designed to make your comfort air conditioning even better.

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Ready for A2L refrigerants

A2L refrigerants boast plenty of benefits, including high energy efficiency and low flammability. But more importantly, A2L refrigerants are indispensable for refrigeration and air conditioning, as they have low global warming potential (GWP) and are therefore eco-friendly. It just wouldn’t be possible to fulfil the increasingly stringent requirements of the F-Gas Regulation in Europe without them.

The BITZER ORBIT and ORBIT+ scroll compressors are compatible for use with the A2L refrigerants R454B (GWP 466), R452B (GWP 676) and R32 (GWP 675) and have been mass-produced since early 2019. With its pending approval, the ORBIT FIT series will soon complement the BITZER portfolio.

You can find out more here in our digital customer magazine.

What are F-gases?
F-gases are synthetically manufactured fluorinated hydrocarbons, most of which are neither toxic nor combustible, thus reducing safety requirements and making them easier to handle. However, many F-gases have high global warming potential, and users, contractors and manufacturers are reducing their use of refrigerants with high GWP. The A2L refrigerants R454B (GWP 466), R452B (GWP 676) and R32 (GWP 675) are alternatives to R410A (GWP 2,088).

The aim is to effectively reduce the use of refrigerant

The most important requirement of the European F-Gas Regulation 517/2014 is to gradually reduce the total volume of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (F-gases) available, a process referred to as ‘phase down’. Calculation is based on a CO2 equivalent comprising the volume and GWP of a refrigerant. According to the regulation, the CO2 equivalent may not exceed 21 per cent of the 2015 value as of 2030. The countries that signed the Montreal Protocol in 1987 have also been subject to the Kigali Amendment since early 2019. The Kigali resolutions call for a global phase down of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFCs). However, the European Union’s F-Gas Regulation is much more stringent than the Kigali resolutions.

An interview with our expert Hermann Renz on the F-Gas Regulation.


Future-proof thanks to A2L refrigerants

Safety is a decisive factor when it comes to working with refrigerants. Experts evaluate the toxicity (A and B) and flammability (1 to 3) of refrigerants on the basis of the ISO 817 standard. A2L refrigerants are only slightly flammable and nearly non-poisonous.


Does the F-Gas Regulation also affect your system? And do you wonder which refrigerants are especially good for efficient operation with ORBIT scroll compressors? Download the new BITZER Refrigerant Report now and find out what you need to consider when selecting the right refrigerant:

The latest BITZER Refrigerant Report

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The BITZER refrigerant reference tool is available for iOS– and Android smartphones.

Our experts are there for you

Overcome the challenges of tomorrow today: BITZER versatility is king, as modern technology that can be mixed and matched enables individual, tailored solutions. And that’s exactly what BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors represent.

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